5 Most Fascinating Waterfalls in Karnataka: Monsoon Delights

by Ashvini Ghatikar

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

The monsoon season is here and when I think of monsoon, waterfalls are what I crave. What is more exciting to me is, when I plan the next trip to such a place where one gets to experience nature’s wild magic and indulge oneself in the season’s best-exploring sites.

Some of India’s most fascinating Waterfalls are located in Karnataka. They are indeed the Monsoon delights.

Here are the 5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

Abbey Falls 

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka
5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

Located in the lush green hill station in Coorg, Abbey falls is one of the pulchritudinous spots that entices attention and draws nature lovers from far and wide. The waterfall is located amidst the majestic Western Ghats, surrounded by extensive coffee and spice plantations. A perfect spot that is a paradise for peace seekers and trekkers.

Gokak Falls

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka
5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

Resembling the Niagara Falls on a smaller scale Gokak Falls, near Belgaum, are formed by the Ghataprabha River as it cascades down a 170-foot high sandstone cliff in the horse-shoe shaped Gokak valley. Surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges on one side and black soil on the other side and several temples dating from the period of the later Chalukyas of Kalyana from the 10th to the 12th centuries near by. Thus, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers as well as for those who love to explore India’s historical heritage.

Kunchikal Falls 

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka
5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

This mesmerizing fall is hidden near Masthikatte in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and certainly is a source of amazement. Kunchikal falls is one of the highest waterfalls in India located near Agumbe hill station. The flow of the waterfall is at its pinnacle during the monsoon. River Varahi’s tributaries are the primary water source to various seasonal falls in the encompassing forested zone during monsoon. It is a thrilling sight to watch small waterfalls flowing with the magnificent Kunchikal Falls. Its evergreen natural beauty and vitalizing air will leave a long-lasting impact on visitors and attracts tourists in large numbers. One can notice the South Canara forest from here and also the beautiful Barkana falls.

Hogenakkal Falls 

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka
5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

The river Cauvery which gives rise to Hogenakkal waterfalls serves as a natural Inter-State boundary between Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Located at a distance of about 130 kilometers south of Bangalore. It is a place of a tranquil atmosphere and great natural beauty. The hike by the falls is an absolute feast for the eyes, one will be mesmerized by the verdant foliage and virgin charms of the place. The name Hogenakkal translates to smokey rocks. As you embark on this one-of-a-kind trek, you truly understand the meaning of the place. Also, there are coracle rides offered.. something for those of you looking for a slice of adventure. Not just this, Hogenakkal has emerged as a flagship of eco-tourism Centre that offers exciting site seeings like Crocodile park, Eco shop, Cine falls, Watchtower and much more to explore and experience about the influence of the natural environment and to bring back home the culture and heritage of local people as well as the respect for nature.

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Gagana chukki and Barachukki Falls

5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka
5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka

Barachukki and Gaganachukki, the eastern and western branches of the Shivanasamudra waterfall are located in the Mandya district of Karnataka. Shivanasamudra provides a glorious getaway for travelers and nature lovers residing in and around Bengaluru & Mysuru and an exhilarating expedition to many travel and adventure enthusiasts from all over the country. These spectacular waterfalls are surrounded by hill forests of the Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary. Asia’s first hydroelectric project was set up here.

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The Gaganachukki itself has 2 facades, the western facade, and the eastern facade. Many enthusiastic youngsters trek down the hillside towards the cascade and enjoy the water spray. The upstream is particularly breathtaking after the monsoons when the Kaveri River is full.

Barachukki on the other hand has a wider cascading edge. One section resembles a ‘U’ section, like Niagara Falls. It also has a nice graceful cascade along the side.

This is the definitive list of 5 most Fascinating waterfalls in Karnataka.

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