by Ashvini Ghatikar

Travelling; gives you a thousand strange places,
then leaves you a stranger in your own land

Ibn Battuta

Does this quote sound negative? Perhaps, perhaps not. I believe in the emotion that drives us through all the strange places. Expeditions can be beautiful, tricky and exhausting, but the elegance it offers, makes us a human of every land. This world belongs to us, and we are not settlers or conquerers, we are mere commuters.

Even if you are not a frequent traveller, the places you visit are always nostalgic; this proves that we are meant to travel. We are meant to explore the peak of Everest and the depth of Mariana Trench; the wind of Wellington and rain of Cherrapunji; the living city of Tokyo and the missing Atlantis. Our imaginations are our destinations.

The sole intention of Serene Gypsy is to capture the soul of these places, and inspire people to chase their own adventure. Every moment of life is about introspecting the spirit, this nature and varied civilisation has to offer. Serene Gypsy is nothing but a discovery of your unexplored instinct.